All ladies, beginner – advanced, come join us for a 5 week golf program that includes full swings, putting, chipping, rules and etiquette.  In these 5 weeks we will cover all aspects of the game of golf.  Each session will be one hour and held at River Oaks Golf Course.  If you have clubs please bring them, if you don’t let us know and we can provide them.

Program is held once/week for 5 weeks in a row.

Ladies Night Out

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Ladies Clinic - Thursdays Apr 11,19 5:30 pm - May 9,19 6:30 pm
Ladies Clinic - Tuesdays May 21,19 5:30 pm - Jun 18,19 6:30 pm
Ladies Clinic - Mondays Jul 22,19 5:30 pm - Aug 19,19 6:30 pm
Ladies Clinic - Wednesdays Sep 4,19 5:30 pm - Oct 2,19 6:30 pm