Indoor Golf School

This winter we will have 2 indoor facilities, please be sure to register for the right location. Backyard Greens in Lindon City, 523 N. 1000 W., and River Oaks North Side in Sandy City, 9000 So. 891 W.

We are at our indoor facility every year November through March.  Students are placed in a class based on their age and skill level. Every class has a 5:1 student to instructor ratio and is taught by PGA Professionals. SNAG golf is used for the younger age group and adds fun to the learning and playing experience. Each program includes short game practice, full swings, basic rules & etiquette, in depth instruction and video analysis. No make ups allowed for all indoor programs.

Private/Semi-Private Lessons
Private Lessons are held Monday-Saturday at the Sandy Uinta, Lindon Indoor Facility, and River Oaks. Lessons include flight scope and video analysis. Times can be booked over the phone, or through email. To see the most progression we prefer to see students once/week.

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Private Lesson Oct 1,17 8:00 am - Jan 1,18 8:00 pm

January - March Programs SANDY LOCATION
Monday programs are 8 week programs. Tuesday-Wednesday Programs are 10 weeks long. Each class max is 10 kids.

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Ages 12-18, Monday Advanced Jan 8,18 6:00 pm - Mar 12,18 7:30 pm
Ages 4-7, Monday Beginner/Intermediate Jan 8,18 5:00 pm - Mar 12,18 6:00 pm
Ages 8-12, Monday Beginner/Intermediate Jan 8,18 4:00 pm - Mar 12,18 5:00 pm
Ages 9-13, Tuesday Advanced Jan 9,18 5:00 pm - Mar 13,18 6:30 pm
Ages 4-7, Tuesday Beginner/Intermediate Jan 9,18 4:00 pm - Mar 13,18 5:00 pm
Ages 8-12, Wednesday Beginner/Intermediate Jan 10,18 4:30 pm - Mar 14,18 5:30 pm
Ages 4-7, Wednesday Beginner/Intermediate Jan 10,18 3:30 pm - Mar 14,18 4:30 pm